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to the Online Hazardous Communication Training

We are currently developing this online HazMat Training service that will be compliant with OSHA regulations. In the very near future we will have this training module for hazardous communication, hazardous material awareness, and emergency procedures completed. More information can be obtained by contacting us. We welcome any questions or comments and we can be reached by Email.

aHow does it work?

This online training in hazardous communicationis currently structured into several sections. The training proceeds by viewing individual modules. Occasionally, you may be required to answer some questions as they relate to the information provided. Upon completion of all sections, your compliance with annual retraining requirements will be updated in our database and a printable certificate with the trainee's name will be displayed.

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During the training you will see other links to additional information or pages intended to accentuate each trainee's understanding of bloodborne pathogens. These hyperlinks are darker blue and look like this: Link

If you choose to follow these links, they will open a new window and will not interrupt your bloodborne pathogen training session.

We hope that you find this training option useful and encourage you to let us know how we can further improve this service.

Questions and comments can be sent using the "Contact Us" icon in the menu on the left side.
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